1. day of Rally Monte Carlo 2013

Today we usedĀ for preparation of the car for the race. We had to fill up fuel tanks, especially with LPG. At the same time we had to wash the car and prepare it for puting on the stickers of sponsors.

In the afternoon we had to do all the formality regarding the race itself in foremost finish the technical inspection for the race. At the end we parked the cars iside the “parc ferme”, where they will wait until tomorrow’s race.

Late afternoon we prepared also oursefls for the race. We had to check all the details and route instructions for tomorrows race course. This will take us through the mountains, several times (5) crossing the French and Italian border and at the end taking us into the “heart” of Monaco. In front of us is long 460 km of journey. Since we can only fill our LPG tank up to 30 litres, we will have to be very carefull and saving fuel.

This year we will use Toyota Auris Hybrid on LPG for the race.

Toyota Auris - avtoplin

Toyota Auris - avtoplin

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