1. day of Rally Monte Carlo 2013

Today we used for preparation of the car for the race. We had to fill up fuel tanks, especially with LPG. At the same time we had to wash the car and prepare it for puting on the stickers of sponsors.

In the afternoon we had to do all the formality regarding the race itself in foremost finish the technical inspection for the race. At the end we parked the cars iside the “parc ferme”, where they will wait until tomorrow’s race.

Late afternoon we prepared also oursefls for the race. We had to check all the details and route instructions for tomorrows race course. This will take us through the mountains, several times (5) crossing the French and Italian border and at the end taking us into the “heart” of Monaco. In front of us is long 460 km of journey. Since we can only fill our LPG tank up to 30 litres, we will have to be very carefull and saving fuel.

This year we will use Toyota Auris Hybrid on LPG for the race.

Toyota Auris - avtoplin

Toyota Auris - avtoplin

5th day

Today we had to finish only the manouverabilty test. Which we did with a very good result. We have not hit any cones and our time was also quite good. Especially with the size, weight and the engine of the car we had. So today we managed to improve our result a bit.

The look on the hotel whre we spend last 3 days and the famous S curve before the even more famous tunnel.

4th day

early morning rush on start in harbour of Monte Carlo

start from the harbour in Monte Carlo

On todays leg we had also four speeding tests. Given the accumulated penalty points we already got, there are no options for a more prominent listing. But hope never dies, so we were at full throttle in these sections seek to achieve the best possible time. Important was that we have the right average speed on these stages and not highest speed. These legs took place on roads where also drive rally drivers on special stage Rally of Monte Carlo. We had to drive many kilometers, one curve after another.

We arrived back to the finish line early evening.

3rd day

.On Friday morning we have all prepared for the start of the first stage from Annecy Le Vieux to Digne les Baines. There were three starting points, beside Annecy le Vieux also Lugano in Switzerland and Clermont Ferrand in France. All together, we then finished the first stage in Digne les Baines.


The first stage was about 350 kilometers and we had more than 7 hours to complete it. This is why we had enough time to enjoy the ride and the beautiful landscape that surrounded us. And there were many beautiful passes on the way from where we could observe the valleys.


In Digne les Baines we arrived one hour to early. There, we parked in a space where all the others did. There was already gathered a colorful bunch of vehicles. And since we were happy that we finished the first part we went out for coffee and tea, like many others. However, when we returned to the finish, we were unpleasantly surprised. There was panic all around, everybody tried to leave the parking where we were to a neigbouring parking through what we thought was starting line. How wrong we were, it was a finish line. Disaster! And after a while running around and asking others (the majority does not speak English of course) we found this out. But now we were 20 minutes to late. So it was the end of the competition for us before it even truly started.

With a hint of anger and surrender to our destiny we went on the second leg towards Monaco. In this stage there were also the first tests. We had to drive through a defined section with a specified average speed, which is in all sections at around 49 km/h. Here we used the car navigation, which showed the approximate average speed. Most of other drivers was of course equipped with a stopwatch, special devices for measuring average speed and time, etc. Professionals.

Arriving at the very late hours to Monaco. Full of lights, yachts and expensive cars and among them small and economical and environmentally friendly cars.

To the end of the leg in Monaco we got exact on time. So exact that even the judges could not believe it. However, they were “relieved” when they saw that we were very late before at the finish line in Digne.

2nd day

Today has passed in preparation for the rally. First, it was necessary to pick up all the documents and tags and labels from sponsors. Before we plastered the car, we “embarked on a journey” of preparation and drawing up itineraries. The stages are long and difficult and full of curved roads. The landscape is really beautiful and a pity that we can not stop. We’ll take photos for you from the car.

Tomorrow we’ll add pictures from today. Below is just one of the pictures from “garage” where they made the technical inspection of vehicle before entering the park ferme.


  Tomorrow morning at 9:30 we start our 320 km long leg (stage) to the town of Digne. Then the path continues to Monte Carlo. We should arrive there around 11 pm. It’s gonna be a long day.

1st day

The first day we had to drive a long way to Annecy in France. Fortunately it passed smoothly. Even in Milan, there was no traffic congestion. Unbelievable!

The Toyota Verso was driving perfectly and the LPG consumption at a speed of 120-140 km / h was a very low 6.8 liters of LPG. We have spent for 900 km journey 48 € for LPG and 102 € for tolls and tunnels.

In Annecy, just dinner and sleep.

Tomorrow we have to prepare the car for the rally, check all the details and get ready for the real thing.

Toyota Verso S 1.33 VVTi on Prisn LPG-VSI 2.0